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Rustic Kitchen

A bit about us

Who we are

We're two friends from school - Shivank and Kulvas. Now, we're both working adults - passionate engineers - living in different parts of the world, tens of thousands of kilometers from where our journeys started. If there was a venn diagram depicting our interests, it'll be closer to one circle in appearance than two - movies, comics, coffee, fine whisky and most importantly food.

We're both avid foodies, and more often than not whenever we chat, it inevitably leads to food. Suffice to say, the ideas for this blog started brewing in our heads during one of our usual phone calls. 

Cinnamon Sticks

Why this blog

We're strong believers in sharing and preserving knowledge, especially the knowledge that has been passed down generations. It's what makes us unique and it's something we all should endeavour to preserve. We came to the realisation that food culture from back home isn't very well known outside the region or documented a whole lot. Perhaps we're unaware - and 14,000 kms from home, we can be forgiven for being unaware - but we felt that it's slowly becoming a dying art, and certainly, in a few generations time, it'll be lost.
Before we get to that stage where these dishes and techniques become forgotten, we've taken the initiative to document them and keep them alive.

The idea isn't to restrict this blog to just our culture either, we're more than welcoming of ideas from other parts of the world that aren't very well known outside and need to be brought to light. If you wish to submit any content, please use the Contact page  to submit your own. We can't promise it'll be available the next day, but we'll definitely get to it. 

We're not trained chefs, or culinary experts. We're just self-taught and passionate foodies and as such, we're no authority on any of the things we post here. If you feel something we've posted here is wrong, we're sincerely apologetic and ask for your forgiveness. 

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