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Bhari hui Mirch ka Aachar/Stuffed Red Chilly pickle

Updated: Oct 13, 2020

Indian Cuisine is heavily influenced by chilli or hot food. Chilies are used in soups, salads, beverages, curries, and chutneys as well. This Pickle is for the ones who love hot food and this recipe could be used with any chilly. A decade ago I tasted Naga Jolokia/Bhut Jolokia/Ghost pepper, a very hot variety of chilli found in the north-east of India - Nagaland, Assam, and Manipur. It is a hybrid of Chinese bell pepper and bell pepper frutescens. It was mixed with spices and preserved in oil. The point I am trying to make is if you get your hands on Naga Jolokia/Bhut Jolokia/the ghost pepper you will have a phenomenal experience and it works well with any other chilly as well.

The key ingredients you require are patience and commitment and rest everything you can get from the market or online.


These things you find in the everyday household so it would not be difficult to get a hold of them. The following ingredients are weighed to the last gram so kindly calculate the proportions accordingly in case you plan to make more or less.

  1. Lal Mirchi Whole/Red chillies - 1 kg

  2. Dhaniya Powder/coriander Powder - 100 grams

  3. Aamchur Powder/Mango Powder - 100 grams

  4. Zeera Powder/Cumin Powder - 100 grams

  5. Haldi powder/ turmeric powder - 50 grams

  6. Mirchi powder/ Chilli powder - 10 grams

  7. Salt- as per taste

  8. Mustard oil- 250ml


  1. Core out the seeds and dry the chillies in the sun for a couple of days till the water content has dried up in the chillies.

  2. Mix all the ingredients (not the mustard oil) with the seeds from chillies. Adjust the quantity of the chilly seeds according to the heat you like in your food.

  3. Stuff the chillies with the mixture and fill a glass jar with mustard oil and immerse the stuffed chillies in the oil.

  4. Leave it for a couple of days for the flavors to infuse together and then enjoy it with whatever you desire.

Do try and leave your comments and feel free to add anything you like

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