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Mango Pickle (Aam ka Aachar)

Updated: Sep 17, 2020

I have stayed in the northern, central, southern, and western part of India and one thing that never changed was the love for pickle/aachar, and the best part was that every time you visit a new place you find different varieties of pickles/aachar which describes the place in itself. I grew up eating raw mango pickle/(aam ka aachar) and as I grew up I came across a variety of pickles but till today dry mango pickle has is the top of the list and I would like to share the process.

The key ingredients you require are patience and commitment and rest everything you can get from the market or online.


These things you find in the everyday household so it would not be difficult to get a hold of them. The following ingredients are weighed to the last gram so kindly calculate the proportions accordingly in case you plan to make more or less.

  1. Raw mango - 1 kg

  2. saboot Saunf Fennel seeds - 50 grams

  3. Methi daana/Fenugreek Seeds- 50 grams

  4. Kalonji/ Black caraway seeds - 50 grams

  5. Heeng/asafoetida- 1/2 teaspoon

  6. Saboot Zeera/cumin seeds- 50 grams

  7. Saboot dhaniya/ coriander seeds - 50 grams

  8. Haldi powder/ turmeric powder - 4 teaspoons

  9. Mirchi powder/ Chilli powder - 50 grams

  10. Salt- as per taste

  11. Mustard oil- 250l


  1. Slice the raw mangoes into small pieces as you desire and dry them under the sunlight for a couple of days till all the water content is dried out.

  2. After the water content is dried out take a glass jar and add all the ingredients and mix well make sure you add the oil in the last and then let the flavors infuse for a couple of days before you use it.

Do try and leave your comments and feel free to add anything you like

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