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Walnut/Doon/Akhrot Chutney

Updated: Sep 20, 2020

Chutney is something that has influenced the Indian Cuisine over decades. Every region has a particular or special type of chutney like south India has coconut chutney, Western part has garlic chutney so today I am going to discuss about a chutney that I grew up with.

Walnut/Doon/Akhrot Chutney. Walnuts are called doon in Kashmiri Language and they are considered sacred as they are the main prasad that is distributed after Shivratri pooja. So follow the recipe and you could eat this chutney with any appetizer you want, from mutton tikka to tandoori chicken to grilled fish. You can modify the recipe to your liking because nobody actually knows how it was made the very first time but make sure whatever you add does not ruin the taste of the key ingredient.

This recipe requires pestle and mortar. If you don't have it buy one; it's not expensive because using a blender would ruin the consistency. Also, let's do it the way our mothers or grandmothers did it.

The key ingredients you require are patience and commitment and rest everything you can get from the market or online.


The ingredients required are simple and you can just make the chutney just after reading the recipe.

  1. Whole green chilies - 5-6 (can add more depending how hot you want.)

  2. Walnuts/doon/akhroat - 70-80 grams (could be blanched for 45 seconds or not)

  3. Himalayan salt - as per taste

  4. Cumin seeds- 10-15 grams

  5. Curd - (depends on what consistency you like, runny or thick)

  6. Cilantro and mint (optional)

  7. Kitchen towel or paper towel


  1. Take a piece of wet paper or kitchen towel and put your pestle and mortar on it so that it does not move while you are crushing the ingredients.

  2. Add walnuts/doon/akhroat (blanched or not). slice the chilies before adding, then add your cilantro and mint (optional), and in the last add the Himalayan salt.

  3. Depending on which of you hands is dominant use the other to hold the pestle and use the dominant one to crush the ingredients.

  4. For those of us who don't know how to use a mortar and pestle, you can find a nice and easy-to-follow Youtube tutorial. A simple technique is to simply hold the mortar and use it in a reciprocating motion for crushing and then in a circular motion to bring the ingredients together.

  5. Once pulverized, add curd and mix well.

  6. In another pan toast cumin seeds with salt and then make a powder out of them (again, using the pestle and mortar) and sprinkle on top of your chutney.

  7. Serve cold.

Do try and leave your comments and feel free to add anything you like.

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